We are Mugos Media

a content-and-value creation company, thus we have a tenth of millions viewers as well as the creative team, production facility, and hundred of multi-talent people all over Indonesia.

We serve many large and multi-industry companies in creating, managing, and distributing high-quality promotional contents.

We build our own platform in several fields like music, wellness, and comedy. Thus, we have strong base of communities all over Indonesia.

Our Vision

To become the new concept of creative startup that has wide range capabilities of materilizing ideas.

Our Mission

To make movements through creative idea contents.

Our Team

As a group of digital creatives, we're using our skills to forge relationships, strategies, and successes for our clients.

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Lok S. Iman
Founder & CEO
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Adha Riantono
Chief of Technical Program
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Randy Chandrawinata
Chief of Digital
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Agung Karmalogy
Chief of Creative


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